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Christoph Rütimann

Christoph Rütimann is one of the most important Swiss artists of his generation. His artistic approach to the world including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video and performance constitutes a performative measuring of that world. Colour becomes his counterpart, and his tracking shots travel through it along lines that are to be found everywhere. Rütimann’s drawings are also line works that point beyond the edge of the paper and, as a theme passing from one medium to another, find their way into the world of the videos, where they even reflect on the concept of a contemporary painting as they appear on the screen.

Christoph Rütimann’s artistic praxis involves a transgression beyond media and spatial limits that can be immediately sensed by the viewer. —Axel Jablonski

  • Christoph Rütimann, untitled (London A I), 2014

    ink on rag paper
    22.44 x 30.31 in (57 x 77 cm)

  • Christoph Rütimann, 2014, 2014

    ink and car laquer on rag paper
    60.24 x 94.49 in (153 x 240 cm)

  • Christoph Rütimann, Venedig im Boot - Zürich, 2009

    boat from Lake Zurich, flat screen with flashcard player, amplifier, speakers
    64.96 x 96.46 in (165 x 245 cm)

  • Christoph Rütimann, Zeichenherd 13, 2009

    inkjet and ink on paper
    16.54 x 11.81 in (42 x 30 cm)

  • Christoph Rütimann, 2 Kilogramm 250 Gramm in Gips, 2005

    balance, gypsum
    11.02 x 28.35 in (28 x 72 cm)

  • Christoph Rütimann, Chi ha detto che il giallo non é bello, 1989

    c-print, mounted on aluminum
    28.35 x 40.16 in (72 x 102 cm)
    EUR 45 000

  • Christoph Rütimann, Der grosse Schlaf

    19.69 x 55.91 in (50 x 142 cm)


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