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Koenraad Dedobbeleer

Koenraad Dedobbeleer creates sculptures, objects, in-situ installations and photographs teeming with associations, tongue-in-cheek commentaries and art historical references. The artist places the focus firmly on everyday objects, which he modifies and recontextualises. He does this by means of methods such as deconstruction and manipulation, so that the contextual shifts and transformations of these everyday objects and motifs prompt the viewer to question the essential quality of things and their existence within newly created frames of reference. This approach opens up new perspectives and potential for a variety of interpretations. Koenraad Dedobbeleer describes his work as a multifaceted, open-ended experiment in both form and content, involving non-scientific inquiry into options.

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, The Product of Specific political Intention, 2020

    Powder coated steel, stainless steel thermos, paper, cardboard, plastic
    25.59 x 11.02 in (65 x 28 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Summarized the Situation with Accute Cynicism, 2020

    Powder coated steel, stainless steel, plastic, paper, synthetic rubber
    12.6 x 11.02 in (32 x 28 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, A Disappearing of Being in the Act of Being, 2020

    Powder coated steel, stainless steel, socket, LED light bulb, electrical cord
    15.75 x 7.87 in (40 x 20 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Eyes Retain Final Visions As Snapshots, 2020

    Powder coated steel, chrome plated steel, plastic container
    19.69 x 11.81 in (50 x 30 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Here Are My Reasons: Keep Them to Yourself, 2020

    Powder coated steel, plastic, wood, paper
    37.4 x 13.78 in (95 x 35 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Resentment Does not an Ideology make, 2019

    spray painted wood, spray painted metal, plastic
    48.03 x 20.08 in (122 x 51 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Divine Furor Rules, 2019

    unique c-print
    14.57 x 13.39 in (37 x 34 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Completeness Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, 2018

    spray painted wood, latex, nylon and galvanised steel
    84.65 x 30.71 in (215 x 78 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Transparent Allusions, 2017

    gelatin silver print in artist frame, edition of 1 + 2 AP, ed. 1/1
    3.54 x 4.72 in (9 x 12 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Illness of Which it Thinks to Be the Cure, 2012

    spray paint on metal, pigment print on archival paper, lined on birch multiplex wood
    35.43 x 35.43 in (90 x 90 cm)

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Illusion Is the Competence, 2011

    varnish and enamel on wood, reed swab brush on a string, wooden receptacle, two unidentified wooden objects, green marble slab
    89.37 x 50 in (227 x 127 cm)

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