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Pedro Cabrita Reis

Pedro Cabrita Reis is one of Portugal’s best known artists and his complex oeuvre includes very disparate media, from the painted over pencil and pastel drawings, the large scale painting, via sculptural works to site specific installations that can reach architectural dimensions. At the same time the individual media flow into one another in Cabrita Reis’ work without losing their particular character. Sculptures become images; when hung on the window, paintings articulated as monochrome areas of colour can recall an archetypal element of architecture or develop sculptural qualities. And photographs that appear in the installations can open endless spaces of memory and reflection. If at all, ‘nature’ appears in his work in images such as these and then only in an extremely filtered way, as a space for thought. The loss of nature as a reference point could be described as a motivating force in Cabrita Reis’ work.

  • 2019

  • 2017

  • 2016

  • 2015

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis – Albero della Cuccagna
      Oct 10

      MAXXI, Roma, Italy
  • 2013

  • 2012

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis – Una Piccola postra Astratta...
      May 16

      Magazzino d’Arte Moderna, Rom, Italy
  • 2011

  • 2009

  • 2008

  • 2006

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis
      Jan 01

      Hall Macro, Museo d’arte contemporanea Rom, Italy
  • 2005

  • 2004

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis – Stillness
      Nov 23

      Camden Arts Centre, London, UK
    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis – Sometimes one can see the clouds passing by
      Oct 23

      Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland
  • 2001

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis – The silence within
      Feb 17

      Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1999

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis – Da Luz e do Espaço / Über Licht und Raum
      Jan 01

      Serralves, Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto, Portugal; Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwing Wien, Austria
  • 1996

    • Solo Exhibition
      Pedro Cabrita Reis
      Jan 01

      Museum Folkwang, Essen
  • 1956

    • born in
      Lisbon, Portugal
      Nov 05


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