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Rita McBride

Rita McBride’s work explores the production of public space and the reception of culture through sculptures that recreate familiar elements from our immediate environment. McBride sometimes dramatizes objects related to architecture and design, often through the use of unusual materials and unexpected dimensions. As such, she examines acquired notions of form, function, and material in relation to a vocabulary that challenges the myths of progress induced by modern ideology.

In her pieces, industrialization, mass production processes, and the laws of efficiency are brought up against the role of handmade artifacts and the sphere of the dysfunctional. McBride thus pushes the boundaries and the qualities of the white cube, a spatial modality that is often considered indispensable for the neutrality required to exhibit artworks. Once they have been inserted into these apparently passive environments, McBride's works question the allocation of functions that define and differentiate the museum, domestic space and the urban sphere. —Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

  • Rita McBride, Pannonia, 2016

    38.58 x 33.07 in (98 x 84 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, Raetia, 2016

    57.87 x 64.57 in (147 x 164 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, Gallia, 2016

    55.12 x 30.71 in (140 x 78 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, BINGO, 2014

    offset printed in five colors on Fedrigoni Old Mill paper, 300 gr., mounted on wood
    38.58 x 138.98 in (98 x 353 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, Mae West, 2011

    carbon fibers, commissioned by the town of Munich
    2047.24 x 1259.84 in (5200 x 3200 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, Black Square, 2009

    bronze, painted pedestal, wood with inkjet on canvas
    8.66 x 141.73 in (22 x 360 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, Color Test, 2009

    tapestry, wool
    62.2 x 46.46 in (158 x 118 cm)

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  • Rita McBride, Heinz (Middle Manager VI), 2003

    powder coated aluminium
    59.84 x 45.67 in (152 x 116 cm)

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