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ARCO Madrid


Mai 36 Galerie is very excited to announce its participation at ARCO Madrid 2021 – our first physical art fair since the lockdown in March 2020. Our presence at ARCO dates back to 1989, with a continuous participation since 2000. ARCO Madrid is a great opportunity to restart our international fair activities.

We are featuring a two person booth with JACOBO CASTELLANO and MICHEL PERÉZ POLLO. Presenting a juxtaposition between new sculptures and paintings, bringing to mind memory, melancholia as well as humor. Both artists are based in Madrid and worked out this particular booth project together. 

Jacobo Castellano’s (*1976, Jaén, Spain) works evolve around the subject of memory. The materials and places used in his work constitute his personal story. The sculptures and installations he creates, often constructed from old and patinated objects, generate a special atmosphere, that oscillates around melancholia and the lightness of being. 

“These new works represent a continuity of the ebony works of Juego de Manos. Through the superposition, and the relationship between objects and carvings made by myself, I focus on the idea of (de)construction in a kind of an infinite game. There are carvings of my own broken nose, pieces that resemble dentures and something like a tool to hit. Wooden balls, used for bowling, take us to a playful/tragic world where breaking and rebuilding seem to be the only alternative. Finally, although small in size, these pieces have a certain air of monumentality; there is a distortion between dimension and shape that leads me to think of precarious monuments.” - Jacobo Castellano

Michel Pérez Pollo’s (*1981, Manzanillo, Cuba) abstract-figurative paintings of different volumes, shapes and weights deal with a dissociated reality, a reality of a second category that extends beyond one’s own. In combination they encumber or support one another. His particular style of painting can be bold, often lavish in his application of the fluid paint and does show a loomed melancholia with a positive attitude, with personal gravity and self-assertion. His paintings develop out of at least two contexts or stories - one which is more realistic and one that is abstract. His created figurative situations and sculptural portraits have a surreal and poetic effect.

Professional Days

Wednesday 7.7.2021 – Thursday 8.7.2021 – Noon to 8pm

Public Days

Friday 9.7.2021 – Saturday 10.7.2021 – Noon to 8pm

Sunday 11.7.2021 – Noon to 6pm

Booth Number 9B02

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