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Albrecht Schnider

We are pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Swiss artist Albrecht Schnider. It’s the first exhibition after his return from Berlin.

The selection of works focuses on new pictures, some of them created with this exhibition in mind. A few carefully chosen early works provide a fascinating insight into the ongoing development as well as the intrinsic constancy of his diverse output over nigh on four decades. The exhibition has been curated by Beat Wismer in close collaboration with the artist.

His carefully structured and organized works include paintings, drawings and small-format sculptures. Schnider's unique language of colour and form oscillates finely between abstraction and figuration, richness and absence of meaning, closeness and distance.

In addition to the exhibition at both floors, there will be a film screening of Rita Ziegler's "Albrecht Schnider was bleibt" at Kino Arthouse Piccadilly on occasion of the finissage.

Opening: Friday, September 6, 6 – 8 PM

September 7 – October 26 2019

Finissage: Saturday, October 26, 11.30 AM

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