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Flavio Garciandía

Insulted Flavio Garciandía in Havana

Cuban art was transformed at the end of the 1970s when it evolved from a propaganda tool to an independent means of expression that turned both critical and analytical. Totally renewing its language, it began a dialogue with international art. This important passage from the modern to the contemporary came to be called “the resurgence of Cuban art”. Its intellectual leader was Flavio Garciandía, the most prolific and influential artist in Cuba.

This book is a retrospective journey that covers the entire career and work of this artist, who is already considered a myth and a paradigm, from his first works to his most recent pieces.

This Anthology of Flavio’s artistic evolution, which had never before been seen in its entirety, is enriched with texts by the most important critics of Cuba, Mexico and the United States, who examine the various periods of his work.

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  • Flexibound
  • 31 x 25 cm
  • DESIGNER: Flavio Garciandía
  • EDITOR: Turner Libros
  • 406 pages
  • ISBN: 978-84-7506-843-5

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